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Many of you have probably not been shown the type of creativity that can be introduced when getting a set of business cards made. That's where we come in! 

Just for a quick reference, take a peek at the list of some of the more popular styles that are produced:

"The Standard"

This is the card you will be most familiar with on this list. If you have ever ordered cardstock-style business cards from one of the online giants or a local print shop, this is usually what you are receiving. We do go an extra step and provide you with a 16pt thickness (compared to the 14pt) so that it has a more durable feel. You are also given the option of a high-gloss UV or a sleek matte finish.

Silk "Soft Touch"

This style ranks in second of common finishes I am seeing more and more of. However, the place that you choose to produce these can alter the quality of them quite a bit. These are also printed on a 16pt thickness and the name fits the feeling perfectly, these are silky to the touch. 

Suede "Dealer's Choice"

Perhaps the nicest finish you can get with cardstock. These are extra smooth to the touch and feel as though they are actually crafted from fine suede fabric. These come in a matte finish as well as the 16pt thickness. The name is due to it being my personal favorite of all the styles. 

Luster "Paper or Plastic?"

In a few short seconds, you will read about our plastic cards, but up first is the imitation to them, their cousin, if you will. Luster cards are meant to simulate the look and feel of a plastic business card without the price. These are still a cardstock but a great way to change up the look/feel.

Plastic "The Tough Guy"

Plastic is the way to go whether you are shopping or just want a business card that wont get shredded in your pockets from moisture or wear-n-tear. It is printed on a 20pt thickness which is less than a credit card but more than the cardstock. You have a few very cool styles available with these such as clear, frosted or white plastic to start with. These can get wet and dirty without having to throw them out.

Metal "The Man of Steel"

If price is not a concern for you and your business card printing needs and you also want something that completely stops people in their tracks when you hand it to them, this is right in that lane. An added bonus is that you can fill the laser engraved sections with ink as well. This is definitely one that you should see before deciding!

Not enough options, you say?.....

Aside from all the choices you have when it comes to what material you are printing on, there are a handful of ways to print that information. I'll try to keep it short and simple.

Spot UV.jpg

Spot UV:

This applies an area of glossy ink to whatever part of the print you would like. While the background ink has a more dull shine to it, this Spot UV really helps make some text or an image "pop" and also levels the card up in terms of class and style.

Raised Spot UV:

Similar in looks to the spot UV, but this is raised up off of the surface of the card. Time after time, people stop and mention how cool this effect is on a card when it is handed to them, ultimately keeping it out of the trash bin and in their palm even longer. 

Rasied UV.jpg
Spot foil.jpg

Spot Foil (raised or flat):

Same concept as the spot UV options, but with foils. You can select a wide range of foil colors and even apply them to the edge of the card itself. These also have a raised option that seem to be gaining popularity.

Colored Edges:

Generally one of the thickest cards you can order, it does come with an advantage, being the choice of color or foil on the outside edge of the card itself. A very cool way to make your card stand out from the others that are piled up on a customers desk. 

Colored edge.jpg

If you happen to be local to our office, we have every option and style ready for you to see and touch. If you would like one of the Graphics By Jason cards sent to you (suede with raised spot UV) email your contact info for a little care package of a few items. Also be sure to check out the sample page of ones we have designed and printed.

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