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Not speaking astrologically, a sign can say a lot about a brand, business or person. Evolving into intense LED boards with scrolling graphics or even 3D creations that are seen at theme parks all the way down to your typical yard stake advertisements, signage has come a long way since the first concept


Really though, following apparel, signs probably have the most diversity when it comes down to details.

Here are some of the most common decisions you are presented when ordering custom signage:



13oz. 15oz. or 18oz Vinyl - Traditional wide format printed. Indoor/Outdoor
Can be double sided. Add grommets or pole pockets if you need mounting options. Wind slits can be added. 

Polyester - Dye-sublimated print that will last for a long time. Indoor Preferred
Single sided. Add grommets or pole pockets if you need mounting options.

Canvas - Wide format printed. Indoor Preferred
Great for wall art. Canvas comes mounted on a frame with edges wrapped in the design. 

Mesh - Traditional wide format printed. Outdoor Preferred
Screen-like material that allows airflow without having to cut wind slits in the design. Add grommets or pockets

Poster - Traditional wide format printed. Indoor Preferred
Satin finish with vibrant colors. Great use for temporary indoor signage. 

Hard Substrates 

Max Metal - Indoor/Outdoor
Thin aluminum faces with a polyethylene core to keep them light. Available in 3 thicknesses and also with a steel core if you need it to be a magnetic application.

Aluminum - Indoor/Outdoor
Solid sheets of milled aluminum in varying thicknesses .040 .063 .080 .050
Brushed finish if not completely covered.

Chloroplast  - Indoor/Outdoor
A popular temporary to semi-permanent sign solution. Often used for yard signs, can also be produced as full size sheets. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses available. 

Foamcore - Indoor Preferred
Soft, light and easy to die-cut. A go-to for life size cut outs, wall art that wont be heavy on drywall, or temporary signage of all kinds.

PVC - Indoor Preferred/Outdoor
PVC is a fancy way to say plastic. Waterproof material that is often best used as a square or rectangle.  

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