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Many people know they need a logo, but they have no idea where to start when getting one made *PROPERLY. Let's say you know someone with a program that let's them use clipart. While it may seem attractive to have this person make you a digital image that may cost next to nothing, this form of logo creation (and anything related to it) should be avoided! You may get something that looks 'ok' as a small image but as soon as you go to use that on apparel, large signs, brochures or anything where high quality print is required, you will find yourself probably paying that shop to re-create your logo once again. Here's why:

Designers and anyone in the printing world prefer to work with vector images. These can be made using a variety of expensive programs and when the person is properly trained on their mighty digital tools, the results are out of this world for resolution. Take Henry, hard at work on his red computer, for example. While he is not the most complex piece of artwork ever created, because he is a vector, he can be put on something as small as a business card and something as big as a billboard or bigger. The resolution will never be lost.


        But resolution isn't the only thing you should worry about when a designer takes your idea to the sketch pad. Color is also important. The items you use online for your brand or business need to be set up in a different color mode than those that are printed. CMYK for print and RGB for digital. The colors in your logo should translate closely between the 2 so that you do not end up with red on one item and orange on another.




Finally there are fonts. There are more fonts available online than I would ever care to count, but using the right ones is crucial. If a font is protected by a license, you should make sure your designer has acquired that license for commercial and/or personal use. At Graphics By Jason, we have purchased subscriptions to be able to use hundreds and hundreds of font styles so that you can show your new logo off without the fear of someone taking legal action. The same goes for pre-made vectors that are sometimes used in logo structuring or layout designs.

When your logo is created by us, you will receive a handful of useful things such as:

EPS file

This is that main file we talked about earlier that will make everyone happy and probably get you your items much faster.

PDF file

This is a high resolution copy that will typically be used to

print quality images from. It can also be used for your own printing needs.

PNG file

This is a high resolution image of your logo that has no background to it. Anything you place it on will show through areas that do not have color.

JPEG file

The most well known file type. This will be as hi-res as it can

be but it is not ideal to make signs or anything printed in high resolution. It will be for you to have as a quick logo reference.

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Now that you have an awesome new logo, we want you to have a creative way to show it off right away, but the regular JPEG would be a boring way to do that. We will take your approved logo and apply it to a themed design that fits properly in the posting area for Instagram/Facebook. You will also have the option to purchase more of these layouts if you decide that they are pretty darn cool.

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